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All my thoughts were only of you...

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This is a community based on Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt. It is mainly for slash but you can post more. (Explained in the rules) It was just run by me greendazed1218 or Lindze since it's creation until recently when I called on the help of my wifey nickers_lady or Ashlee. She is now co-mod and designed the layout.

1. Please keep your posts to Billie/Mike. Fan fiction, picspams, videos, sound, and whatever else you can find or create to celebrate the love between Billie and Mike is more than welcome.
2. If you want to promote a community, please make sure you are a fairly active member in the community. I don't want people promoting communities here if promotion is the only reason they are here. Please keep the sites you are promoting Green Day-related.
a. family (Adrienne, Joey, Jakob, Stella, Frankito, Ramona, etc)
b. affiliations (The Network, Adeline Street, Lookout! Records, 924 Gilman Street, Sweet Children, The Frusterators, etc)
c. people close to the band (Jason Freese, Jason White, Ronnie Blake, etc)
d. similar bands are welcome as well such as Blink 182, Good Charlotte, etc.
3. Please put posts under an LJ Cut unless it's short.
4. If you are using something from a site in which the author requests being credited (such as avatars, icons, wallpapers, banners, concert photos, etc), please credit them. I don't want you getting in trouble!!
5. Please use the following format when you post fan fiction, videos, fan art, and other things of an artistic nature (minus picspams)
Title: (if needed)
Author: (credit yourself or whoever made it)
Rating: (see descriptions below)
Pairing: (not needed if it's strictly Billie/Mike; if they are crossing with other people such as in a fic, please note here)
Disclaimer: (only if you feel the need to make up something funny; I know some people enjoy that; There will be a site-wide disclaimer up soon)
Notes: (optional; dedications, warnings, anything you have to say, blah blah blah!)
Feel free to modify the above to fit your post. Not all people will have "notes" or "pairing" (since this is a billie/mike comm anyways).

G: Good clean fun for all ages.
PG: Mild implied sexual innuendo, mild bad words, or violence or serious (though not quite mature) topics.
PG-13: Some violence, bad language, obvious sexual innuendo, implied sexual relations. Also may include some mature topics such as suicide, homosexuality, drug/alcohol advocacy, rape aftermath, details of childbirth, etc. depending on the mores of the fandom involved.
R: Just-short-of-explicit sex, graphic torture or violence, rape. Not recommended for minors.
NC-17: explicit erotica, excessively gory violence. Often illegal for underage readers.


None of the writers owns any member of Green Day or the people associated with them. The work here is fiction. Thus putting the 'fiction' in 'fan-fiction'. It is just what we enjoy to do. Any artwork is owned by the artist, and any photos are owned by who took them. The only things Ashley and I own is the layout and the Community.

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