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Peek-A-...Billie?chapter 2-

As promised,here's the second installation in the Peek=A...series.I'll be doing at least one more chapter-I promise.It just may take me awhile-LOL.

Chapter 2-Caught red handed
Rated NC-17 for HOTT boy schmex.

Chapter 2:Caught Red Handed


Mike was NOT expecting for Billie Joe to catch him.He was quiet,he tried to convince himself.Billie didn’t even know he was there.Dammit.What would Billie Joe think of him now?There he was,standing in Billie‘s bathroom,dick still in his hand,albeit much softer than it was scant minutes ago,watching a dripping Billie Joe Armstrong gape at him from the shower.Mike did what any other person caught watching their best friend beat off in the shower would do.

He began to babble.

“Billie,I am so sorry.I had come in here to talk to you about this great bass riff I came up with…”At this point Billie grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his slender hips,much to Mike’s dismay.
”…and there you were in the shower.You know how a guy gets mesmerized by porn?”Billie Joe glared at him.This wasn’t going good.

“What the hell am I now-a fucking PEEP SHOW!!!!”Billie Joe yelled at Mike.Mike knew he deserved it.Billie felt violated,he was sure.The lead singer was known for his bouts of isolation,and understandably this was one of those times.”Bill,no.You’re not a peep show.I didn’t know what you were doing,besides taking a shower,and if I did I would have waited.””The damn door was closed Mike.Usually people DO that when they want to be alone.”Mike nodded and looked dejected.”You’re right Bill.I’m going to go now,set that riff to paper.”He turned to leave the cramped bathroom-cramped now that embarrassment had taken over-when Billie called after him”Mike,wait for me in the other room.We’ll talk this out,ok?”Mike nodded sadly,then slunk out to wrestle with his thoughts.He closed the door as he left.

Billie smiled broadly.He had waited for a chance to bring up the fact that he thought Mike was absolutely delicious.Yes,he had Adie,but she understood his feelings.She knew of his secret crush on Mike,and even encouraged it.He was one lucky boy,he thought to himself.Now if only Mike felt the same way.It’s one thing to jerk off to your friend in the bathroom,it was quite another to have some kind of feelings for him as well.Billie Joe pulled on his black pajama bottoms and a Misfits t-shirt and joined Mike in the other part of the hotel room.He sat on the edge of the bed and stared at Mike.The bassist was sitting on the small hotel sofa looking down at the carpet,picking imaginary threads off of his jeans,which were now safely zipped and buttoned.Billie smiled to himself,hoping those jeans would be pooled around his ankles as he gave Mike the best blow job of his life.He mentally shook his head clear of those thoughts and called over to Mike.

“Mike-come over here so I don’t have to yell please,”Billie Joe said.Mike got up and walked over to the bed,and sat a safe distance from Billie Joe.He really didn’t trust himself or his feelings near his lead singer,so keeping away was good.

Not to Billie Joe,however.How was he supposed to seduce Mike if he was all the way on the other side of the bed?He sighed,then faced the bassist.
“Mike,”he began,”about you watching me in the bathroom…”Mike swallowed hard.Here it comes,he thought.
“…Well,I liked it,”Billie Joe said simply.Mike’s eyes grew wide.”As a matter of fact,now that I know you watched me,I wish you had the balls to join me.”

Mike couldn’t believe what he was hearing.Billie Joe LIKED it?He wished Mike had JOINED him?Damn.He wished he had known sooner-things could have played out much differently than they had this evening.Mike finally met Billie Joe’s brilliant green eyes with his own ice blue ones.Billie saw the raw hunger in Mike’s eyes,could see the passion that simmered just below the surface.”Bill…I never thought you felt that way about me.I mean,”he continued,running a shaking hand through his hair,”I thought that with Adie and all,there was no way you would ever feel like I do..”Billie just stared at Mike,smiling.”Mike,I’ve had a thing for you since we were kids.I just never acted on it,since you were my best friend and all.Besides,I didn’t know you swung this way,”Billie chuckled.A shy grin came upon Mike’s face.”Only for you Billie Joe.Only for you.”
A contemplative stillness filled the room,and both men fidgeted.Mike decided to break the silence,and said,almost self-consciously,”Well,Billie.What do we do now?”

Those words were music to Billie Joe’s ears.

He leaned over to Mike and kissed him softly,a teasing kiss barely brushing Mike’s mouth.A tingle shot through Mike all the way to his groin.Billie Joe pulled back to see Mike’s reaction,and he was pleased to see that Mike’s lips were parted in a small ‘o’.He took that as a good sign and repeated the same action,this time lingering longer.His tongue darted out to taste Mike’s lips,only to find to his delight that Mike’s mouth was open slightly,as if an offering of an invitation to Billie.He blissfully sighed and took possession of Mike’s mouth and tongue.The bassist was a willing submissive,taken only slightly aback by the smaller man’s dominance.Billie wrapped his arms around Mike,tugging him closer to himself slightly.Mike melted into Billie Joe’s embrace,feeling totally at ease at what was transpiring between them.
Kisses were leading to touches,hesitant at first,then getting more heated as emotions took over.Both Billie Joe and Mike had been waiting a long time for this,and for this to finally come about-well,it was almost too much than each other could stand.Hands reached for buttons and a zipper,pajamas came ripping off,and soon both men were undressed.They broke apart reluctantly,but each of them wanting to see what the other looked like without the guise of being only friends.Each man was not disappointed.Billie’s features were softer,rounder,almost feminine,while Mike’s body was more angular,sharper somehow,yet not in an unappealing way.

They made the perfect pair.

They laid down on the bed together,locked in a tight embrace.Billie Joe decided he wanted-needed-to explore Mike’s body,as it was totally uncharted territory to him.He started out by straddling Mike’s hips and kissing his neck.Mike sighed and turned his head,giving Billie better access to his skin.Kissing turned to nibbling,then to small nips as Billie Joe tasted Mike.Mike breathed heavily.Best part hasn’t come yet,Billie thought to himself as he worked his way down to Mike’s chest.He traced his tongue over Mike’s tattoos,flicking it along the outlines as if it were the very vibrating needle used to draw the inked pictures.Mike moaned and his hips strained to reach up to make contact with any part of Billie.He needed to feel Billie-this was driving him wild.He was about to pull his lead singer up by his arms and crush him to his chest when he felt warm breath on his balls,parting his pubic hair slightly.He thrusted upwards,right into Billie’s ready mouth.He moaned loudly,and bucked while Billie sucked him.Oh sweet Christ-this feels so fucking awesome,this thought rushed through Mike’s head.It rushed right back out again as Billie vibrated his tongue against Mike’s dick.More thrusting,and Billie took all of Mike into his mouth and started humming low in his throat.”Oh shit Bill-I’m gonna come,”Mike panted.Billie nodded-as best he could with Mike’s cock in his throat-and sucked harder,running his tongue along Mike‘s shaft as he did so.The bassist plunged his hands into Billie’s mass of ebony locks and gripped.Billie Joe winced slightly with the pain,but afer a few seconds he didn’t feel it at all.Mike’s hips rocked in time with Billie’s rhythm,then without warning his orgasm surged.He came powerfully into Billie’s mouth,the force of it catching both men off guard.Billie Joe managed to take it all,which was no small feat.Finishing,he swiped at his mouth with the back of his hand and joined his lover,who was breathing heavily.Mike’s body still twitched with the aftershocks of the intense orgasm,his face was flushed and small moans emitted from his throat.Billie stretched out next to Mike,running his fingers through the bassist’s hair.Mike turned and curled into Billie Joe,savoring the closeness.He felt himself start to drift off,then he caught the smell of shampoo and body wash.This combined with Billie Joe’s natural scent started to send the bassist dizzy.He looked up at Billie Joe and said simply:

“Billie Joe.I need you to fuck me.”

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Omg...*stares wide-eyed at fic* Please write more this!!!! xD