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Tittle: The Exprememnts of Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt PT.1 Heat
Author: THe sadistic Bitch herself
Pairing: Young Mike/Billie
Raiting:pg-13 for now gets to about R in later chappies
Disclaimer: I don't own anyone here....execpt for Mike Dirnt....he's my sex slave....just kidding
Dedications and Shoutouts: My Wifey xeddieizzardx My Girl mikeyface and the offical coolest girl on earth heterotrophx
Summery: probably a two part series, this part of the series explains the homeosexual exprences Mike and Billie shared as Best friends and Teenagers, They try rather odd things like the Kink, S/M to explore more of the sexual world, this is known as their "expremental period" this journey starts it right from the beging of this new concept to when Billie Joe Met Adie for the first time.

It was a pretty stormy night the rain fell to the ground rapidly. The lightning flashed in the sky like fireworks. Thunder sounded like a loud drum beat. 16 year old Mike Pritchard better yet Mike Dirnt ran out of his car with a hood on his head. Dashing into his best friend's patio. He rang the doorbell and held himself to keep him warm. He rested his head on his chest.

Suddenly he heard the door open and looked up to see Billie Joe Armstrong his best friend smiling.

"You must be freezing Mikey but I am glad you are here" Billie said as Mike walked into the house still holding himself.

Billie and Mike went downstairs and sat on the couch. Mike still shivered from the rain. Suddenly he felt a warm hand slide behind the layers of his sweatshirt and undershirt feeling his bare back.

This was discomfortable to Mike. Only because it was his best friend feeling him. But the emotions heated up his body. Still the delicate fingers sent chills down his body. Mike closed his eyes and bit his lip and moaned.

"Mike I have a question" Billie said

Mike nodded his head still silent as the confusing thoughts racked his brain. Was he starting to fall in love with his own best friend? It was Billie was a heating source immediately adding the warmth to his body.

"Have you ever been curious about kissing a guy?" Billie asked

Mike's eyes widened what kinda question was that.

"Um I don't know I mean is it like kissing a girl?" Mike said.

Mike looked to the floor and Billie brought his hand under his chin and lifted up to stare into the bassist's blue eyes.

"Wanna try it?"

Mike nodded his head and closed his eyes. Letting Billie gently kiss him on the lips. They quickly pulled away. Mike quickly opened his sweatshirt and discarded it to the side making him smile. It only revealed the black tank he was wearing. He then pulled off his jeans leaving him in his boxers. Billie did the same until their regular clothes were on the floor and they were just in the tanks and boxers.

Billie slowly laid Mike down and continued to kiss him continuelesly. He ran his hand up the bassist's shirt. Feeling his heart race. Tingles went down his spine. Billie felt Mike in ways he never even dreamed of. Down his torso on his hips. Mike started to moan into Billie's mouth from the pleasure. Their tongues thrusted into each others mouths. Hands moved all the way down Mike's legs.

The countless minutes of pleasure mixed in with the effects of the loud crackle of thunder and the blots of lighting flashing in the room.

Billie finally kissed Mike up the arm and onto his neck. This made Mike make a straining moan of pleasure. He kissed Mike's Adam's apple causing him to make another moan. Finally Billie stopped kissing Mike's neck.

He just laid beside Mike and gave him a gentle kiss on the lips.

"Did you enjoy this Mike?" Billie asked

Mike nodded his head and smiled:

"We'll do more Exprements like these won't we?"

Billie nodded his head and stared into Mike's eyes. The two men fell asleep to the pitter patter of rain outside the window and the rumbling thunder.
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